I am privileged to have known Dorothy for the last 7 years as a colleague and a friend.
Dorothy has the ability to show people a light if they feel theirs is fading.
She has the power to inspire people, reach out and touch their hearts like no one else.
If there’s one thing I have learnt from Dorothy it is that the human spirit is what truly matters, not material possessions, looks, or latest fashions or money. If you have love and a good heart that’s all you need to survive and that’s what will take you places.
Dorothy has made perfectly clear, the essence of our lives is what we allow our spirit to do or not do. She is an asset and although it sounds cliché, if there were more people like her the world would be a more pleasant place.
Due to her sheer determination, Dorothy never gives up and she never will. She has a sense of humor that will keep you smiling for hours. She has an innate ability to meet you where you are and communicate effectively and productively. Working with her is easy yet challenging because she operates from a place of authenticity and no personal agenda. Whether teaching or coaching, Dorothy clearly demonstrates a seasoned level of knowledge and experience and a passion for what she does. Her understanding of Emotional Intelligence and coaching in general has helped to propel her into being a credible force . I am always in awe at the simplicity in which Dorothy could get to the heart of the matter. She helped me to take my listening skills to the next level. Her enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting.
I highly recommend Dorothy as catalyst to positive and effective life changes.

- Nancy Joseph Walnut Creek,Ca.

Uplifting, encouraging, motivating, inspirational, spiritual, enthusiastic, hopeful, nonjudgmental, caring,..

- Kellie H Dallas Tx.

I have known Dorothy for about 4 years. The first thing I noticed when I met her was her genuine kind spirit. She would light up the room when she enters. She always has a word of wisdom to give and words of encouragement. When I talk to her, she makes me feel like I am the only person on earth that she know, and I am important to her. My husband calls her a natural ANGEL.

- Junette and Felder Luma Wellington, FL.

Dorothy was a godsend to me. In the midst of my storm, she was a pillar of strength and wisdom. Dorothy helped me to sort through my thoughts, determine my goals, and develop a plan to make them a reality. Dorothy was my ally who held me accountable to myself and my goals. We celebrate the achievements gained and worked together to overcome the obstacles, Life coaching was a new experience for me. I am glad I sought out a life coach in myself and found destined and determined.

- Michelle Smith Pensacola, Fl.

I just want to say that I have had the privilege of working with Dorothy Gray for several years in an acute care settings. She is the most kind hearted, sensitive person I have ever met. She has the ability to maintain that demeanor in the toughest of circumstance. I remember seeing her once in a situation where there was a young man in his 20’s who was very upset with the nursing staff over his grandmother’s situation to the point of verbally abusing the staff. Dorothy approached the young man with motherly authority, took him to the side as sweet as pie, treating him with the utmost respect, yet firmly letting him know that his behavior was not appropriate and how he needed to redirect his energy into supporting his grandmother and being there for her. Like night and day the young man’s toughness melted away, and he acknowledged his bad behavior as Dorothy asked. Dorothy is gifted at sensing what people’s true issues are, and then being able to address it with the person in a very loving caring way.
Thank You,

- Mary Ann Montout Vallejo Ca.