Career transition -

Changing careers can be frightening and overwhelming. But for many of us, it may also be a necessary evolution to find enlightenment and satisfaction. Once you discover inspiration in your career, everything else will often fall into place. I'll help you uncover your passion in your vocation and get you moving towards your career objectives.

Balancing career and home life -

This is always difficult especially in our workaholic society where long hours and hard work are not only expected, but the norm. Interference from your home life is frowned upon in many workplaces. Plus, with such a prevalent job scarcity competition is fierce, breeding a workaholic environment - even for those who normally don't succumb to the disease. Destined and Determined will help you keep this balance in check. You'll learn how to leave work at work - and enjoy your family and home time.

Setting your goals and achieving them -

Figuring out your goals is one half of the battle. Sometimes we’re not even consciously aware of what we want out of life – but when it gets down to it, everyone has some sort of desire to accomplish something. Or on the flip side, we know what we want, but our goals seem out-of-reach. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking a different perspective and breaking your goals down into smaller steps – then the seemingly improbable can suddenly within your grasp. Once you see the potential and path, your whole world and outlook will change for the better.

Finding your personal empowerment -

What’s holding you back from doing what you want? Is it doubt? Lack of confidence? I will show you how to tap into that inner strength so you can face your challenges with assertion and self-reliance. You have a gift inside that can enable you to do wonderful things. Once you tap into that power, you’ll have the motivation and energy to grab life by the horns and ride it to your dreams!

Effectively coping with life changes -

We’re all thrown a curveball from time to time, whether it’s losing your job … a death in the family … a dramatic change in your relationship status – the key is how we handle our healing. Of course we need to take time to mourn the losses in our lives, but there comes a point when we need to rise up and face the adversity and bury the past. I’ll help you find the power to heal yourself and begin your new direction. Who knows you may find a whole new passion in life that you never knew existed.