With more than 20 years in nursing under her belt, Dorothy Gray still sensed there was something missing from her life: “I felt like I hadn’t fulfilled what I had been called to do,” recalls Dorothy, “I knew there was more than nursing in store for me.”

Colleagues have described Dorothy as a real people person who’s easy to talk to and not afraid to speak the truth. Life coaching is a perfect fit for Dorothy’s gift of connecting with people. Indeed, working with some of the most traumatic injuries and life-threatening illnesses, Dorothy has experienced souls from all walks of life. She’s a veteran of patients close to death, as well as families suffering through devastation and unthinkable loss. Now she brings her dedication, warmth, and energetic personality to her life coaching service Destined and Determined. This is a service dedicated to helping people make that crucial breakthrough in their lives -- be it abolishing a destructive habit, transitioning through a difficult time, or setting a new career path. Destined and Determined will help you find that power and strength to accomplish any goal you set your mind to.

Are you confused about your personal life goals?